RUS Opposes Co-residency Plan

The Radcliffe Union of Students (RUS) has taken an official stand against the Committee on Houses and Undergraduate Life (CHUL) plan for full co-residency and asks Radcliffe students to withhold room applications until the CHUL reconsiders its proposal.

"No forms should be turned in until the CHUL has thoroughly reviewed the entire housing issue and has presented a program consistent with the community's desire for increased flexibility and more equitable ratios in co-ed Houses," said an RUS policy statement released yesterday by Janet M. Edwards '72, president of RUS.

Edwards's statement came after the results of an RUS poll conducted last Thursday and Friday were tabulated. RUS questioned all Radcliffe students as well as men living at Radcliffe about the CHUL's plan and Radcliffe's new "non-merger merger" relationship with Harvard.

Thirty-eight per cent of the 1396 students polled-65 per cent of the 803 who responded to the poll-were opposed to the CHUL's co-residency plan which places a minimum of 40 women in each House.

According to Ann Glendening '72, organizer of the poll, a predominant number of women living at Harvard found the current male-female ratios unsatisfactory and felt that more women should be living in each House.


Seven hundred twenty-two students thought House assignments should not be permanent for three years, while 731 students were against a limit being set on the number of seniors who could live off-campus.

Second Thoughts

A special meeting of Dean May's subcommittee on co-residency will be held late this afternoon to review the co-residency plan and attempt to resolve some of the problems which have arisen.

"I think many people have misconceptions about the plan," Keith Raffel '71, a member of the subcommittee, said yesterday. "I think if we explain the reasoning behind some of the issues, the co-residency plan will be carried through."