Students to Endorse McGovern Campaign

(Special to the CRIMSON)

WASHINGTON, D. C.-The first major involvement of students in presidential politics since 1968 will take place today in Washington at the campaign headquarters of Senator George McGovern (D-S. D.).

McGovern will announce today that "McGovern for President" groups are now in active operation at over 250 college and over 50 high school campuses throughout the country. Included in the announcement will be statements of support for McGovern by over 100 prominent students and young people including 11 of this year's 32 Rhodes Scholars.

Among the 100 names will be Donald Gogel '71, a Rhodes Scholar, James K.Galbraith '72, Mindy Cooper-Smith '71, and four other Harvard students.

Steadfast Opposition


In his statement of support this morning, Galbraith, who is chairman of the Harvard Students for McGovern, will say, "No other man can challenge Senator McGovern's leadership in the battle to reorder our present distorted priorities. No other candidate, actual or potential, has his record of steadfast opposition to the Indochina war."

Another who sent in an endorsement was Debra Sweet, the 19-year-old Cincinnati girl who made front-page headlines in December by questioning President Nixon's sincerity as he gave her an award for collecting $25,000 to feed hungry people. Sweet told the President at a White House ceremony, "I find it hard to believe that you are sincere in giving out this award until you stop the war." Today she will say, "Senator McGovern is the best man to lead America."