Crime Draws Many Talents

Competition for the CRIMSON spring sportswriting team opened at 7:30 p. m. last night before a crowd of three in the Indoor Sports Cube (ISC).

The leading candidate appears to be Fred Ferdindoupolus, three-time Crete Ping-Pong champion. "I plan to throw in my 100-page thesis on "Classic Lines in Ancient Greek Ping-Pong Courts" and see how it bounces, ha ha ha," Ferdindoupolus said.

Also coming out is Cynthia Corwallis, lead jammer on the Adams House Bay Area Bombers. Cornwallis is planning a feature "Joan Weston is a Sissy."

We've got to fill six sports pages a week, so if you've already blown your money on a CRIMSON subscription, protect your investment by coming to 14 Plympton St. tonight.