RUS Coed Plan Upsets Chairmen Of Male Houses

In a letter yesterday to Dean May, the House chairmen of Eliot. Mather, Leverett, and Kirkland-the four all-male Houses-complained that the co-residency plan proposed by the Radcliffe Union of Students (RUS) would increase inequities between the Houses.

The RUS plan recommends that the CHUL keep the currently four all-male Houses non-co-residential next year to provide a two-to-one male-female ratio in the five other Harvard Houses.

"This plan is unfair to us because we won't have a chance to go coed," said Roham Weerasinghe '72, chairman of the Mather House Committee and sponsor of the letter.

The letter expressed the opinion of the chairmen only, not the House committees.

When asked about the letter, May said, "It's predictable. This was the other side to the imbalance the women have been complaining about. Now the men feel they're being discriminated against."