Winthrop Retains Rule of the Rink

Winthrop House took another step towards retaining the Straus Cup this week when its hockey team secured the championship by downing Mather, 3-0.

Winthrop had gone undefeated in the first round, but lost twice in the playoffs. The final victory gave them an 11-2-1 record, putting them just ahead of Leverett's 11-3 finish.

Ted Campbell, Bill Hobbs and Arty Page provided the scoring for Winthrop, while Vin Crowley turned in a perfect performance in the nets.

Leverett's disappointment at finishing second to Winthrop is increased by the fact that the Bunnies have now placed second in intramural hockey for three consecutive years.

Hobbs, a senior who rows for the heavyweight crew, spoke highly of intramural hockey at the conclusion of his career. "You get to know the players on the other teams, and everyone is out there just to have fun. That's the way athletics should be."

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