Re WFO letter to the Bureau dated 11/27/70; Bulet dated 12/9/70; and Philadelphia letter to the Bureau dated 1/19/71.

Referenced WFO letter states Subject is believed attending the University of California at Berkeley, and is known to be an inveterate Marxist revolutionist, and a type of a person that should be watched as she will probably be very active in revolutionary activities.

The 1970-71 University of California at Berkeley (UCB) Student Directory lists-as a senior in the College of Letters and Science at UCB and residing-. Her home address is listed at-.

The cross reference directory for the Berkeley area lists the occupant of-as-phone-is not listed in the 1970-71 UCB student directory, nor is he listed as an instructor in the 1970-71 UCB Campus Directory.

Sergeant HARRY POTTER, Berkeley Police Department, advised his records contain no information concerning either Subject or-.

Sergeant BOB HULL, UCB Police Department Intelligence Unit, advised his files contain no identifiable information concerning Subject or-,however, he will remain alert for any activity of Subject on the UCB campus.

On 2/1/71, CLINTON C. GILLIAM, Registrar, UCB, advised his files indicate-was admitted to the University of California at Berkeley in the month of March, 1970, and as of the period ending December, 1970, had completed two quarters in the College of Letters and Science. Her chief subject of study is listed as-. Due to the policy at UCB, no additional information regarding the Subject can be released without the written release submitted by the Subject or the issuance of a subpoena duces tecum.

San Francisco indices reflect Subject attended a meeting of the Venceremo s Brigade on-at-Oakland, California. This meeting was covered by SF 2231-S (reliable protect) who stated Subject was one of numerous individuals turned down on their applications to be members of the Fourth Contingent of the Venceremos Brigade. During this meeting, there was no discussion of violence or revolution. San Francisco source personally conversed with Subject and received no indication that she was anything other than the average liberal minded student that is common in the Berkeley area.

On 2/5/71, SF 3427-PSI, who is familiar with radical activities in the East Bay Area, advised Subject is completely unknown to him.

Due to lack of information and activities of Subject, San Francisco is not submitting a summary report at this time. Subject is not being recommended for inclusion on the Security Index as it is felt additional investigation is acquired before this evaluation can be reached.



AT WASHINGTON, D. C.: Will recontact WF 1577-S and determine the precise reasons that this source stated Subject "is an inveterate Marxist revolutionist" ... "is far out" ... and "should be watched."