Referenced communication set forth information from a Boston informant who furnished information to the effect that-might have some contact with the subjects.

On 11/12/70 MR.-Security Officer,-advised that-is a Professor of-at that School and-.

He has been there about-having previously taught at-MRS.-is not employed and there are two small children in the family ages about-years.

The-reside in a semi-detached house located near-residence although he does not have any social contact with them.-has noted that there does not appear to be anyone other than the-residing at their home but that numerous college students visit there frequently.-drives a-bearing-license-. There are no other cars in the family and no other cars normally parked in their driveway.

-was furnished with the wanted flyers on the subjects and he stated he would remain alert in his neighborhood for their possible appearance. Also he will alert his sources at the college for any information about the subjects particularly any information that subjects might be in contact with the-.

On 11/12/70 MRS.-Chief Switchboard Operator,-(conceal identity due to position at school) advised she has only limited contact with-who she is aware is in the-Department there.

She stated that-been the subject of criticism by the school administration since he has taken on himself without clearing with others the responsibility of inviting controversial speakers to the school. In early October 1970,-invited-to talk on campus and he did not clear this invitation with the school administration beforehand. As a result the administration felt they received undue publicity over-appearance.

-also has conducted-discussion groups on the topics of-which are supposedly open to the public and this action has not been approved by the school administration although it is regarded as action on his part over and beyond his authority in altering the course curriculum.

MRS.-stated-is generally regarded as a "radical" for this and similar type action.

MRS.-was shown the wanted flyers on the subjects and she stated she is certain she has not seen them around that school. She will remain alert for any information concerning them.

MRS.-will also confidentially furnish pertinent information regarding any long distance telephone calls made or received by-. She checked her slips for long distance calls made from the college for the past month and noted that none were listed as being made by-.

CHIEF-was contacted in this matter and shown wanted flyers on the subjects. He stated that these did not look familiar and he does not recall having seen them at or around the-residence. He noted that the-live 2 houses away from him and that his house is situated such that he can observe the-residence from the front of his house. He said he is certain that no one other than the-reside at this residence although a number of-students visit there frequently. He recalled that during the past summer the-held a "rock festival" in their back yard attended by more than 50 college age youngsters. The Chief was required to break this up when it got too loud but this is the only occasion he has had to contact the-in police business.

The Chief noted that the garage to the rear of the-residence has been converted into a printing shop and it houses enough equipment to publish a newspaper. He does not know that a newspaper is published there but he is keeping a close eve on the garage to ascertain what activity takes place there. He said a leaflet was printed there several months ago and that this leaflet called for support for the-scheduled for trial in-1970.

The Chief is certain that no one lives in the garage but he has seen "hippies types" frequent the garage. He will remain especially alert for the appearance of the subjects, and he will contact his sources and alert them concerning the subjects.

On 11/12/70 MR.-Postmaster, U. S. Post Office,-was contacted in this matter. He was furnished copies of wanted fives on the subjects and requested to contact his carriers toalert them as to the appearance of the subjects in-. MR.-also stated that contact with the carrier who handles the-residence on-reveals that he has no recollection of mail coming to that residence addressed to other than the-. Also this carrier is certain that no one other than the-reside there.

MR.-stated he would remain alert as to any mail to or from the-residence which might be significant in this case.