SDS Intends To Obstruct CFIA Meeting

SDS, if it can muster enough student support, will hold an obstructive picket line around Holyoke Center this morning at 8 a. m. to prevent the Visiting Committee of the Center for International Affairs (CFIA) from holding its annual meeting.

SDS member Bonnie Bluestein '72 declared that the proposed picket line "is part of a campaign to shut down the CFIA forever and permanently. These are the men who have consistently made policy decisions for the U. S. military machine."

This year the Visiting Committee includes such national figures as Lincoln Gordon, U. S. Ambassador to Brazil from 1961 to 1966; Robert S. McNamara, former Secretary of Defense and the current President of the World Bank; Charles W. Yost, former Ambassador to Laos and the United Nations; and Harry S. Rowen, president of the Rand Corporation.

Last year 200 students disrupted the meeting and trapped OFIA director Robert Bowie in a taxicab for 20 minutes. One student was expelled for his involvement in the incident and 17 others were disciplined.

Bowie was unavailable for comment last night, and his wife said that he would be tied up all night "making plans" for tomorrow's meeting. Other CFIA officials also could not be reached.