'Throp Has Cup Lead

Winthrop House turned in its usual strong performance in winter intramural action to take a commanding lead in the Straus Cup competition, but surprising Quincy bolted into second place by collecting the most points of any House in winter sports.

Quincy, seventh after fall competition. registered 390 winter points by dominating almost every intramural sport.

Eliot. first after the fall sports, had a disastrous 285 points in the winter to slip to third, while Lowell, taking a startling third in the fall, fell to a weak fifth.

Quincy won in the A squash league and was second in the B league, did well in basketball, and won the wrestling and track events.

Winthrop won hockey and swimming and won the basketball competition, figured on both league standings, in which the 'Throp tied for the A league lead with Leverett.


"We got some seniors who weren't writing theses and we had a good group of sophomores." Quincy athletic secretary Rick Barton said last night. "In the winter 12 athletes can do everything, but in the fall you have to have three separate teams. People who play tackle football don't play soccer," he added.


"The key to winning in intramurals is to have people who come out every time," Barton added. "We had that and we were lucky. We squeezed past Eliot in three big contests."

In an effort to shorten intramural sport seasons, Intramural Athletic Director Floyd Wilson has divided the Houses into two leagues. The East will have Quincy, Winthrop, Leverett, Adams, Mather and Radcliffe, and the West will have the other five Houses.

The top finishers in each league will compete in a playoff at the end of the season.

"The season was too long this winter," Barton said. "Intramural basketball had 20 games, and so Houses had participation troubles."


Fall Winter Total

Winthrop 350 377.5 727.5

Quincy 290 390 680

Eliot 385 285 670

Leverett 317 317.5 634.5