Local Group Will Picket Saks Today

The New England Committee to Boycott Gimbels and Saks (NECBGS) plans to hold a rally at 3 p.m. today in front of Holyoke Center to protest alleged racial discrimination by Gimbel Brothers Inc. After the rally NECBGS will set up picket lines at the Saks University Shop, 73 Mt. Auburn St.

The committee, comprised mostly of Harvard students, has accused Bruce A. Gimbel, who controls 57 Gimbels and Saks Fifth Avenue stores throughout the country, of refusing to establish an on-the-job training program for minority workers on his construction sites. NECBGS also contends that Gimbel has ignored proposals that his corporation help preserve the environment.

Douglas E. Schoen '74, local coordinator for NECBGS, said yesterday that Leo Fletcher of the United Community Construction Workers and Henry Atkins, leader of a group of unemployed black construction workers in New York, have promised him their support today.

Left to Right

"We hope to get them a little scared and a little worried," said Schoen of the Saks-Gimbels officials. "We've received support throughout the East coast as far to the left as the Progressive Labor Party, and as far to the right as Republicans in New York City." he said.


John W. Black, manager of the Saks University Shop, expressed little con-cern yesterday over the issues raised by NECBGS or the planned boycott of his store. "To be sure, the people in the minority classes can push a wheelbarrow and move trash, but that doesn't mean they can fill skilled jobs," Black said. He doubted that his customers, mostly college students, would respect the picket lines.