PBK Elections

Harvard's Alpha Chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa Society has elected the following seniors:

William B. Beekman of Eliot House and New York City; Maurice J. Bennett of Mather House and Overland Park, Kansas; Thomas J. Berndt of Cabot Hall and South Bend, Indiana; David W. Boorstein of 18 Ware St. and Washington, D. C.; Sanford F. Borins of Winthrop House and Toronto, Canada;

Seott M. Bowie of Glaverly Hall and Omaha, Nebraska; Douglas M. Brenner of Lowell House and Portsmouth, Virginia; Stephen B. Calderwood of Peabody Terrace and Andover; David P. Cheruin of Quiney, House and Union, New Jersey; John M. Conley of Kirkland House and Milton;

Frank L. Corrado Jr. of Lowell House and Bethesda, Maryland; Robert C. Eckhardt of 1705 Massachusetts Avenue and Glenshaw, Pennsylvania; Julian R. Elsner of Cabot Hall and Houston, Texas: George M. Eliopoulos of Lowell House and Springfield; Paul Epstein of 113 Museum Street and Somerville;

Michael D. Felsen of 2022 Massachusetts Avenue and Great Neck, New York; Daniel C. Fisher of Winthrop House and Claremont, California; Kenneth F. Fong of Kirkland House and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Robert E. Friedman of Lowell House and Hillsborough, California; James P. Frosch of Dunster House and Great Neck, New York;


Jonathan W. Galassi of Dunster House and Duxbury; Frederick M. Goodman of 220 Brattle Street and St. Louis, Missouri; Richard F. Green of Adams House and Omaha, Nebraska; Wesley C. Gryk Jr. of Leverett House and Manchester, Connecticut; Charles O. Hartman of Leverett House and Newport Beach, California;

Charles C. Hecksher of Eliot House and New York: Steven E. Hengen of Mather House and Richmond Hill, New York; Nicholas S. Hill of Winthrop House and Old Lyme, Connecticut; Todd M. Joseph of Winthrop House and Williamsville, New York; James W. Klein of Adams House and Larchmount, New York;

David J. Kuter of Dunster House and Fond DuLae, Wisconsin; Jeffrey K. Laurenti of Eliot House and Trenton, New Jersey; Stephen F. Lazor of Eliot House and San Antonio, Texas; Norman L. Letvin of Eliot House and Detroit, Michigan; Jon D. Levenson of Adams House and Wheeling, West Virginia;

James M. Lewis of Eliot House and Alexandria, Virginia; Edmond L. Lincoln of Eliot House and Wilmington, Delaware; Robert S. Litt of Moors Hall and Tarrytown, New York; G. L. Middleton Jr. of Kirkland House and Pittsfield; Alan L. Moore of Wolhach Hall and Greensboro, North Carolina;

John P. Moussouris of 11 Ellery Street and Old Saybrook. Connecticut; David W. Nierenberg of Adams House and Chappaqua, New York; Olav T. Oftedal of Currier House and Ontario, Canada; Louis D. Peterson of Winthrop House and Seattle, Washington; David C. Plotke of Dunster House and Los Angeles, California;

Sheldon I. Pollock of 111 St. Paul Street and Shaker Heights, Ohio; Darrell E. Prescott of Dunster House and Montpelier, Vermont; Ellis L. Reinherz of Adams House and Malden; Stephen P Reynolds of Dunster House and Seattle, Washington; Frank H. Rich Jr. of 19 Hovey Avenue and Washington. D. C.;

Bruce W. Robbins of 331A Harvard Street and Malverne, New York; James T. Rosenbaum of Peabody Terrace and Portland, Oregon; Gary L. Rosenthal of Leverett House and Tulsa, Oklahoma; Timothy N. Rush of Gilbert Hall and Briarcliff Manor, New York; Andrew E. Rouse of Winthrop House and Moss Point, Mississippi;

John C. Russell of Leverett House and Meriden, Connecticut; Sydney R. Sewall of Lowell House and W. Hartford, Connecticut; James R. Shea Jr. of Leverett House and Quincy; Jay M. Spitzen of Quincy House and Brooklyn, New York; Roger B. Swain of Quincy House and Arlington;

Heng Soon Tan of Kirkalnd House and Memphis, Tennessee; Andrew A. Vernon of 20 Tierney Street and Atlanta, Georgia; William G. Viscusi of Leverett House and Louisville, Kentucky; Marc S. Visner of Quincy House and West Hartford, Connecticut; Michael A. Westerman of Kirkland House and New York City;

Andrew M. Whelan of 33 Agassiz Street and Baltimore, Maryland; Robert J. White of Adams House and Plainsboro, New Jersey; Michael B. Winship of 3 Sacramento Street and North Sandwich, New Hampshire; Charles L. Wisseman III of Kirkland House and Cickeysville, Maryland; Scott A. Young of Quincy House and Syosset, New York; David C. Zuroff of Lowell House and N. Merrick, New York City.

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