Wrestlers Down Brown for First Ivy Win; Harvard Squad Never Trails in 42-9 Rout

Harvard's varsity wrestling team reversed its early season Ivy failures Saturday as the Crimson crushed Brown, 42-9. The victory raised the Crimson's league record to 1-1-1 with big matches against Yale and Princeton to follow later in the season.

Never in Danger of Losing

Never in danger of losing. Harvard pinned its first three opponents and accepted a forfeit to open up an insurmountable 24-0 lead and coast to the final victory. Brown is still winless after five duel meets, while Harvard advanced its season record to 6-2-1.

Sophomore Dan Blakinger aggressively began the rout at 118, building a 12.2 lead through three periods before pinning freshman Gregory Clark at 7:44.

Freshman Carl Biello trailed Brown sophomore Mike Perna. 4-0, and got into a predicament in the opening period, but he came back in the second period to pin his challenger in 3:16.

The most popular pins of the day came at 167, 177, and 134. Freshman Bruce Johnson had a near fall on Brown's Brogan Duffy in the opening period and finally pinned him at 6:43. Freshman John Keough substituted for Richie Starr at 177 and proclaimed himself champion after pinning Brown's Bob Swanson in 2:37. Senior Josh Henson, who has been pushed by Coach John Lee to drop a weight class to 134, also pinned his Bruin in 3:29.

After rolling up a 24-0 lead, one of Lee's experiments failed. Jon Peters, who started the season at 142, could not tackle Brown's Bill Achilles at 150 and lost a close decision, 3-0, to put the Bruins on the scoreboard.

The Crimson swept the next four matches, however, and soon had an embarrassing 42-3 lead. At 158 junior Frank Morgan won a 5-1 decision. After the two pins by Yardlings Johnson and Keough. Dave Scanlon continued the landslide with a 6-2 triumph at 190.

The only serious Harvard setback came at unlimited. Senior Angelo Marino got caught in the middle of a more and wound up on his back at 3:3 of the match.

Harvard added injury to insult by taking to exhibition matches. Brown could not find a challenger at 142, so Gerry Kahrilas took Brown's Jeff Miller, 12-2, in exhibition. In the second exhibition, freshman Borris Holmes and Brown's Mare Raphaelson battled through two scoreless periods and tied 4-4 at the end of three, but Holmes won because of a one-point advantage in riding time.

Harvard's next match will be Saturday against Navy and Virginia. The Crimson has a good chance of beating the latter squad. Virginia has lost to William and Mary, a team Harvard beat earlier in the season at the Franklin and Marshall quadrangular.

But the Navy match should be the most difficult duel match any Crimson squad has faced in years. Navy has three Eastern champions in the first three weight classes to challenge Harvard's strength.

The Crimson will also be weakened by the absence of some freshman wrestlers. The athletic administration will not permit freshmen to wrestle in a match so close to exams.