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Semi-Annual Oldies Quiz

By Compiled BY Andy klein

The following extravaganza has a total possible score of 230 points. The points values for each question are written in parentheses at the end of the question. All entries should be legible; they should be labelled, "Rock Quiz" and can be left on the Crimson note board at 14 Plympton St. any time before midnight, January 21, 1972. All Crimson editors and their immediate families are ineligible. The entry with the most correct answers will receive a copy of Elvis Presley singing "Love Me Tender" and "Anyway You Want Me." Answers and the winner's name and picture will be published in the Crimson of January 26, 1972.

1. The following female singers each had one big hit. What were the titles?

a. Fontella Bass

b. Norma Tanega

c. Little Peggy March

d. Barbara Lynn(4 points)

2. What happens in the fourth chapter of the Book of Love?  (1 point)

3. Match who is responsible for the following songs about the night.

a. Tonite Tonite  Them

b. One Summer Night  The Dells

c. Here Comes the Night  The Mellokings

d. Oh What a Night  The Tokens

e. California Nights  Jimmy Forrest

f. Night Train  Lesley Gore

g. The Lion Sleeps Tonight  The Danleers   (7 points)

4. The hits "Maybe" and "Pipeline" were recorded by two groups with almost identical names. Who did which?  (2)

5. Lots of singers change their names for professional reasons. Under what name did each of the following achieve fame?

a. Harold Jenkins

b. Ellis McDaniel

c. Bobby Zimmerman

d. Ernest Evans

e. Richard Penniman  (5)


a. What was the name Shirley Ellis didn't dare rhyme in "The Name Game?"

b. The song "Peppermint Stick" was banned from most radio stations for alleged nasties. Who recorded it?

c. Who recorded "Baby Let Me Bang Your Box," and what did they mean?

d. Who recorded "He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)?"  (5)

7. What three singers came from Macon, Ga.?  (3)

8. Who were the four lead singers for the Drifters?  (4)

9. Who did the original version of "Dedicated to the One I Love" (and I don't mean the Shirelles)?  (1)

10. Who made big hits out of the following Carole King songs:

a. Go Away Little Girl

b. Her Royal Majesty

c. Don't Bring Me Down

d. Point of No Return

e. Chains

f. One Fine Day

g. Pleasant Valley Sunday

h. Just Once In My Life

i. Halfway to Paradise

j. Take Good Care of My Baby  (10)

11. What was Richie Valens' two-sided smash?  (2)

12. What two similar-named groups did "She Cried" and "Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie"?  (2)

13. Who sang the following movie theme songs?

a. Goldfinger

b. North to Alaska

c. Town Without Pity

d. Tammy

e. Ballad of Davy Crockett  (5)

14. Match the group with the song:

a. Walk Like a Man

b. Baubles, Bangles, Beads

c. Graduation Day

d. 7 Rooms of Gloom

e. Love is a Many Splendored Thing

f. Standing on the Corner

g. Big Man

Four Aces

Four Freshmen

Kirby Stone Four

Four Lads

Four Preps

Four Seasons

Four Tops  (7)

15. Who was the Duke of Earl?  (1)

16. "Nel Blu di Pinto di Blu"--who sang it and by what title was it better known?  (2)

17. What was Fabian's last name and Fats Domino's first name?  (2)

18. What great singing star wrote "He's a Rebel" for the Crystals?  (1)

19. Where was Buddy Holly born?  (1)

20. What hungry artists had hits with:

a. Bread and Butter

b. Mashed Potatoes

c. Sugartime

d. My Boy Lollipop

e. Cherry Pie

f. Hungry

g. Pied Piper

h. No Matter What Shape Your Stomach Is In

i. Watermelon Man  (9)

21. Who was the host of Bandstand before Dick Clark?  (1)

22. With what records are the following DJ's associated:

a. Jim Lowe

b. The Big Bopper

c. Buchanan and Goodman  (3)

23. What is Elvis' full name, where was he born, and what was the name of his twin brother who died at birth?  (3)

24. All of Elvis' dates made big news in the fifties. Who was the most important woman in his life?  (1)

25. Elvis' manager, Col. Tom Parker, worked in a circus, before taking on Elvis and striking it rich. What was his act in the circus?  (1)

26. As Mary, South Philly, used to say, "The lyrics aren't much, but it's got a good beat, you can dance to it, I give it an 85." Who played?

a. Sleepwalk

b. Afrikaan Beat

c. Walk Don't Run

d. Love is Blue

e. Theme from A Summer Place

f. The Stripper

g. Harlem Nocturne

h. Telstar

i. Honky Tonk

j. Rebel Rouser  (10)

27. Who were the four warbling stars of TV's Lucky Strike Hit Parade in the late fifties?  (4)

28. Where do all the hippies meet?  (1)

29. What great fifties pop star penned the theme to Johnny Carson's Tonight Show?  (1)

30. Two different songs entitled "Venus" were number one hits in 1959 and 1969, Who sang them?  (2)

31. In what hits did the following receive or send letters:

a. Gladys Knight and the Pips

b. Pat Boone

c. Victor Lundberg

d. Billy Williams

e. The Box Tops

f. Brain Hyland  (6)

32. Some performers capitalize on other singers' hits by recording "answer" songs. What were the follow-ups to the songs below; who did the originals, and who were the imitators?

a. Work with Me, Annie

b. Eve of Destruction

c. Big Bad John

d. Leader of the Pack  (12)

33. The Platters' first hit was written by their manager, whose name is also a material used in book covers, not unlike leatherette. Name the song and its cddly monickered author.  (2)

34. Santana's recent hit "Everybody's Everything" was a note-for-note steal (with rewritten lyrics) of an early sixties song. Name the song and the group.  (2)

35. Who was the host on Name That Tune?  (1)

36. In a pop geography of the Land of Love, where might you find:

a. Phil Phillips

b. Harold Dorman

c. Nathaniel Mayor and His Fabulous Twilights  (3)

37. Both Gene McDaniels and Jimmie Rodgers sang about the creation of women. What were the songs?  (2)

38. Ike and Tina, Dick and Dee Dee, and Marvin and Tammi all had hits with nearly identical titles. Name all three, each with the proper duo.  (3)

39. In 1959, the Coasters had a hit that described lack of variety in television programming. What was it?  (1)

40. The following songs helped kick off dance crazes. Name the performers:

a. C'mon and Swim

b. Monkey Time

c. Locomotion

d. Boogaloo Down Broadway

e. The Twist

f. Wah-Watusi  (6)

41. What did my friend, the witch-doctor, tell me to do?  (1)

42. What names in early rock rhymed with Boney, Lawdy, Dizzy, Good Golly, and Ready?  (5)

43. What opposite parts of the city appealed to Petula Clark and the Crystals?  (2)

44. What great American poet had a Top Forty hit singing "(You Ought to See) Oliver Twist"?  (1)

45. As anyone who has seen record ads on late night TV knows, the Fifties was a golden decade for pop music, despite the influence of rock and roll. Who had big pop hits with the following songs:

a. Ricochet Romance

b. Come On-My House

c. Singin' the Blues

d. That Old Black Magic

e. Throw Mamma From the Train a Kiss

f. Doggie in the Window

g. Catch a Falling Star

h. Que Sera, Sera

i. Oh, My Papa

j. The Wayward Wind

k. Just Walkin' in the Rain

l. Day-O

m. It's All in the Game

n. Rags to Riches

o. Memories are Made of This  (15)

46. Who did the original "Piece of My Heart"?  (1)

47. Why did Elvis shake like a man on a fuzzy tree?  (1)

48. What two singers with the same last name recorded "Susie-Q" and "I Put a Spell on You"?  (2)

49. How did Dodie Stevens' boyfriend Dooley dress?  (1)

50. The Duprees had a hit with "You Belong to Me," and the Velvetones scored heavily with "Glory of Love." Who did the originals?  (2)

51. In one word, what tears Terry Stafford apart?  (1)

52. What were the one-shot hits of these forgettable groups:

a. The Hombres

b. Friend and Lover

c. John Fred and His Playboy Band

d. Merilee Rush and the Turnabouts  (4)

53. Freddie Bell and his group made a career appearing in rock movies from the original Rock Around the Clock (1954) to Get Yourself a College Girl (1964). What was the group's name?  (1)

54. Novelty and narration songs, unfortunately, were once the rage. Who perpetrated the following?

a. The Chipmunk Song

b. The Purple People Eater

c. Mr. Custer

d. Ringo

e. Old Rivers

f. Beep Beep  (6)

55. This great singer, best known for "Fever," also had hits like "Sleep" and "All Around the World." He died in prison in 1968, after serving four years for the murder of one Kendall Roundtree. What is his name?  (1)

56. Ray Charles sang of an avenue with the same name as the street Heartbreak Hotel was on. What is it?  (1)

57. What are the Everly Brothers' first names, and what team wrote most of their hits?  (2)

58. The flip side of "Rockin' Robin" was a sizable hit in its own right and later became a smash for the Dave Clark Five. What was the song and who sang it?  (2)

59. What oldie did the Marcels remake as a follow-up to their hit version of "Blue Moon"?  (1)

60. What did Eddie Cochran's congressman say to him in "Summertime Blues?"  (1)


Match the singers with their songs:

1. A Little Bit of Soap

2. Greenback Dollars

3. You Cheated

4. Western Movies

5. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

6. The Boy From New York City

7. In the Still of the Night

8. New York's a Lonely Town

9. Little Darlin'

10. Try the Impossible

11. Sincerely

12. Easier Said Than Done

13. I'm a Happy Man

14. My Boyfriend's Back

15. Stay

16. Cry Baby

17. What's Your Name?

18. So Much in Love

19. It was I

20. Get a Job

21. Let Me In

22. The Wind

23. Silhouettes

24. Come Softly to Me

25. Is the Moon Out Tonight?

26. I Sold My Heart to the Junkman

27. I Only Have Eyes for You

28. Two People in the World

29. Come Go With Me

30. Diamonds and Pearls

31. Don't You Just Know It

32. Let The Good Times Roll

33. Tobacco Road

34. Mule Skinner Blues

35. Chapel of Love

36. Sixteen Candles

37. I Shot Mr. Lee

38. I Need Your Lovin'

39. For Your Precious Love

40. Wipeout

Lee Andrews and the Hearts

Little Anthony and the Imperials

Jerry Butler and the Impressions


Eugene Pitt and the Jive Five

Kingston Trio

Harvey Fuqua and the Moonglows

Nashville Teens






Shirley and Lee


Skip and Flip




Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs



Patti Labelle and the Bluebells




Huey "Piano" Smith and the Clowns



Nolan Strong and the Diablos


Dixie Cups

Don Gardner and DeeDee Ford

Don and Juan

Garnett Mimms and the Enchanters



Five Satins



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