The Mail

To the Editors of The Crimson:

You will accept. I hope, a few comments on your editorial of 10-3-72 ("D.C. Machismo" a signed analysis by David Ignatius-ed.).

They are made with the assumption that it was not, in fact, cribbed from a journalism text book--the chapter headed. "How Not to Write an Editorial."

You have tipped your hand by using the word "columnist" or its equivalent, 27 times in the first half of the article. The only times you do not use the indefinite article is when you refer to Alsop and Anderson, and this is done in such a cavalier fashion that I can only assume that they are merely stimulus hate-words to you.

After using up about 50 pre cent of the news print space and half of the reader's time--building up your straw man columnist, you proceed with your own party line in a manner more demagogic than decent.


You insert just enough sound, analytical comment and show just enough of a good, if somewhat overblown, prose style to make the reader take you seriously, when in fact--all you're concerned with is trying out your wings, rather hatefully, as a "columnist."

Good luck is the real world. Bruce Davidson