More Women Get Group Endorsement For Scholarship

A joint Harvard-Radcliffe committee endorsed 16 Radcliffe women for Marshall Scholarships last Thursday, a sharp increase over previous years. Eighteen women had been nominated.

Last year the Marshall committee endorsed five women out of seven nominated.

The committee also endorsed 47 Harvard men our of 75 nominees this year, Fifty-nine Harvard men were endorsed last year.

The Marshall Scholarship is one of the few graduate fellowships which has traditionally accepted women applicants. Several scholarships, including the Sheldon Prize, have recently been opened to women. The Rhodes competition still excludes women.

Ellen Schrecker, assistant senior tutor at Lowell House and a member of the Marshall committee, said yesterday that living at Harvard Houses had increased that awareness of many potential Radcliffe candidates. Twelve of the 16 women endorsed life in the Harvard Houses.


"Because women are excluded from some graduate fellowship competitions," Schrecker said, "they would be pushed in those contests where they do qualify,".