Wald Speech Inaugurating Lectureship At Kent State to Be Published Today

A speech given by George Wald Higgins Professor of Biology today inaugurated the publication of a series of lectures sponsored by the Kent State University Center for Peaceful Change

Wald's Speech entitled. "To Re-possess America," was given at Kent State Last May to initiate the Lectureship for Peaceful Change series established there in recognition of the four students who were killed by Ohio National Guardsmen on May 4, 1970.

Wald said yesterday that when he was contacted by Kent State to give the Series' first lecture, he regarded it "not as an invitation but as an order." He said the speech was "one reason for giving up" an offer to spend the month of May in Japan as a visiting professor.

In his speech. Wald described the Vietnam war as "domestic imperialism" practiced by the U.S. government against the American people.

He concluded by saying that Americans "should be able to vote not just to elect a man, but having gathered around a man who stands for a genuine turnabout in this country, to stay with him and to provide the support necessary to see that this country is turned about,"


The Lectureship in Peaceful Change was set up last year "to bring a scholar, or other recognized person, in the movement for human justice" to Kent State annually on the anniversary of the Kent State killings.