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By Charles B. Straus

After two inconclusive wins to the road, a decisive 8-4 rout of Columbia and a disappointing 2-1 squeeker at Wesleyan, the Harvard soccer team return home for a 10:30 a.m. game with a talented and powerful Cornell team. The Crimson's three year home unbeaten skein, and its New England, Ivy League, and national aspirations are squarely on the line.

Harvard, unbeaten in its first four games, enters the game in a less favorable position. The last two starts have taken their roll on the Crimson All-Ivy standout Felix Adedeji, who began his quest for a second straight Ivy scoring title last Saturday with a superlative four goal performance, is still suffering from muscle spasms which kept him out of Wednesday's game with Wesleyan.

Adedeji's doctor has told him not to play today, but whether he needs the doctor's orders or not seems completely up to him. "The pain is there, but I will try to play." Adedeji said at yesterday's practice, hobbling noticeably. "I couldn't walk earlier in the week, but I can stand up straight now," he added.

The offensive line, which exhibited what it could do while healthy by pouring in eight goals against the Lions, sagged noticeably against Wesleyan with Adedeji out and Bent Hinne playing subpar because of a groin injury. Hinze has not fully recovered but will play regardless. "I kinda think Feliz will play too," head coach Bruce Munro said yesterday.

Emmanuel Ekama, who has missed the last two games with a sore foot, is a questionable starter at linkman, a spot where the Crimson has had some problems. Ekama has said he will play, but has not practiced in over a week. Harvard had trouble controlling the midfield area against Wesleyan, and might continue to be vulnerable against Cornell today.

Defense Ready

Defensively, the Crimson appears ready, although Ric LaCivita will be playing with bruised ribs and captain Rick Scott has been bothered by a number of minor injuries.

Cornell, on the other hand, has both the depth and the healthy players which Harvard lacks. A largely veteran unit like Penn, the Big Red are solid, both offensively and on defense. "After losing to Penn, 3-2. I'd have to rate them right alongside the Quakers," said Munro, and most observers agree.

The offense boasts two All-Ivy performers, forwards Victor Huerta and Chris Agoliati. Huerta is not likely to win any popularity contests among the Crimson after last year's contest at Ithaca in which he unnecessarily elbowed and kicked a number of Harvard players before being removed from the game. "I've been thinking about that game a few times a week for the past year," said Rick Scott. "I don't like anything about them (Cornell)," he added.

To contain Huerta, the Crimson defense may mark the former Junior college All-American man-to-man. "It all depends over what they do," Scott remarked, Harvard will need more line support defensively as well, as Cornell lines to bring the bull straight to the center of the field from defense.

Munay Anchors Defense

All-Ivy fullback Bill Murray, who she kicks extra points for the Big Red football team, anchors the Cornell defense and initiates its short passing game offense from the front position in the Big Red's diamond defense. Munro hopes to stop the Cornell attack before it gets started. "If we can break up the center back and catch him up-field, we could have a 4 on 3 fast break," he said.

If Adedeji is unable to start or play offensively, which seems likely, Harvard will go with a front line of Chris Papaglanis Best Hinze, Dregan Vujovic, and probably Demetrio Mans. The performance of Hinze and Papaglanis will be particularly important to the Crimson's chances of cracking the Cornell defense, Papaglanis, who tied Adedeji for the Ivy scoring lead with a two goal-two assist performance on Saturday, has looked very good in his last two games. Hinze's-playmaking is a key to the offense.

The game is an extremely important one for both sides, Cornell, coming off a heart-breaking line to Penn, will be cut to solidify its claim to the number two spot in the Ivy League. For the Crimson a win could issue a genuine that at the Quakers for the Ivy side and a good chance for post-season play. A Crimson loss, however, could still Harvard's side drive, put all end to a cherished home field advantage and place it in the unenviable position of having to best Penn to finish any higher than third.

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