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BILL MURRAY (13) Kicker


HOME: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

AGE: 23

MAJOR: Soil Conservation and Agriculture

PREP SCHOOL: Laurier High

PROFESSION: All-Ivy halfback on Cornell soccer team, regular defenseman on the Big Red's NCAA runner-up hockey team, kicker and punter for the football team, and left fielder for the diamond men.

HOBBIES: Raises jock straps at his Grandfather's farm in Nova Scotia during his off season time--the first and second weeks in August.

LAST BOOKS READ: Script for the screen version of Let's Scare Jessica to Death, Primate Behavior of the Uprooted by Irwin DeVore and Oscar Handlin, and We Love You Bruins.

LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT: In Cornell's pre-season practice Murray beat out sophomore John Egan from Mechanicsburg, Pa., who averaged 40.1 yards on forty kicks as a freshman. So far this season, in three games Murray has attempted 12 punts and sports a sprightly 25.7 average. Of course, Murray has had a few freak kicks that haven't exactly fattened his already emaciated average. In the Colgate contest, Murray sen' a "snake killer" at shoe lace level blazing into the linesmen on the side, knocking two of them down, and sending Cornell's newly acquired orange half-moon downs markers back to Harvard for repair. That gem went for five yards. But, perhaps Murray's most celebrated kick came on a field goal attempt against Penn last week. In three games, he has his on one field goal in five attempts. The one success coming on a sand wedge from 11 yards out against Rutgers. Anyway, let's get back to the Penn game. Scene: Schoellkoph Field, the Big Red set up for a 25-yard field goal attempt, Murray trots confidently onto the Polyturf. There's the snap, the place-down, Murray approaches and "boom." The projectile rockets forward. Unfortunately, the ballistics are a trite faulty and the ball fails to rise above a line from a point one inch off the ground (on a tee) to a point three inches deep into the posterior of center Paul Hanly. Hanly lifted slightly forward and off the ground before falling dazed and bruised. The crowd and Murray were mildly amused, but the coaching staff and Hanly weren't exactly bubbling over with praise. In fact, they still make Murray walk into Nichols Drug Store in Ithaca every week to pick up Hanly's prescription for a salve to help heal the rash that developed after Murray and "The Duke" intruded into the crease.

QUOTE: "Listen there's a lot of talk that I might try and play basketball along with hockey this winter. This is patently absurd. The soil conservation program in the winter. This is patently absurd. The soil conservation program in the winter gets difficult and I need all the time to get the fires going so we can keep the nitrogen fixers warm and cozy. Hey, it's not this tough in Hotel Administration."

PROFILE: Athletic, brilliant, in love with life and sports. Athletically involved. Unintimidated by a difficult challenge. Saluted by "The Big Red Alumni Bulletin" magazine as one of the 26 Cornell athletes who "made it big in Ithaca in their twenties."

FAVORITE DRINK: The Flamin' Canuck (Apricot Brandy, a beef boullion cube, 1,2 normal butane, and a Ohio Blue Tip match).

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