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A professor of Sociology who formerly taught in the Afro-American Studies Department said yesterday that it would be "an absolute disaster" if his former Department were allowed to administer the proposed DuBois Research Institute.

Orlando Patterson, professor of Sociology, said in an interview yesterday. "The University compromised itself when it allowed black nationalist students to dictate the creation of a second rate Afro-American Studies program."

"It's still possible to save the day if we set up a research institute which can attract top scholars," Patterson said. "I think the Institute should be set up the way all other research institutes are not up--on a University-wide basis."

Ewart Guinier, chairman of the Afro-American Studies Department, has repeatedly criticized the University for failing to provide the funds to run the Institute. The April 22, 1969, Faculty legislation which created the Afro-American Studies Department also called for the establishment of a research institute.

In the Department's three year progress report, Guinier asks why the University has not funded the Institute.

Patterson said yesterday: "Guinier should realize that Harvard will never be able to get financial committments from foundations for the Institute as long as his name is connected with it."

In the Department's report, Guinier explained that "one faculty member left the Department because another Department had more research money available."

Patterson, who is the faculty member to whom the report referred yesterday called this statement "absurd."

"Saying something like that is like believing that people want to leave concentration camps to get better beds," Patterson said.

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