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While Dartmouth is meeting Harvard on Soldier's Field today. Ivy contests in Ithaca and Philadelphia will help determine top contenders for the title.

Yale (2-0) meets Cornell (1-1). Princeton (0-1) goes to Penn (0-2). While Columbia (0-2-1) plays non-league Rutgers, and Brown (1-2) takes a rest.

Ted DeMars took Ivy League Back of the Week honors following his antics in last Saturday's Cornell match when he carried the ball 21 times for 119 yards and three touchdowns. DeMars with 221 yards stands third in total league yards rushing behind Dick Jargon of Yale (299 yds.) and Dan Malone of Cornell (234 yds.).

DeMars shares seventh spot in total offense with Harvard teammate Eric Crone With 239 yards each they rank behind Cornells Mark Allen (441 yds.) and Brown's Pete Beatrice 1440 yds.

In team standings Harvard is first in the league in average yards per punt (35.5 yds.). Second in average defense per game (226 yds.), third in average scoring in the league (26.5) and fourth in average offense per game. (353.5 yds.).

Dartmouth and Yale are dominating the upper ranks of team statistics.

Yards rushing by league backs usually highlights Ivy record books. Jauron. Malone, and DeMars are top yard, getters. Fourth through ninth are Green. Yale: Watson, Brown, Klupchak, Dartmouth, Wheeler, Harvard, Georges, columbia: and Hennings Yale.

Dartmouth or Harvard have held or shared part of the Ivy League crown six of the last seven years ABC television is broadcasting today's game to a New England audience. To the winner goes the best odds of capturing team honors for this year's football season.

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