City Recycles Scrap Papers

The city of Cambridge yesterday began picking up newspapers for recycling along with its regular rubbish collections.

An open track followed behind the regular garbage truck, picking up the newspapers that had been bundled by city residents Today's collection was in North Cambridge, and the open truck will continue to follow garbage trucks on their regular routes.

Ralph J. Dunphy commissioner of Public Works supervised the initial collections of newspapers yesterday morning. He said that the city had collected two tons of newspapers during the day and would still have to go out and pack up a additional 600 pounds that had not yet been gathered in North Cambridge.

For each ton of newspaper reveled, the city will save the trucking and dumping fee for transporting one regular load of rubbish to its dump in Saugus.

Dunphy said that if the recycling program proved to be successful, he would expand it to include glass and aluminum goods.