Protesters Attack Soviet Policy on Jewish Emigration

Harvard professors and students demonstrated for the second straight day yesterday to protest the treatment of Russian Jews by the Soviet Union.

The demonstration on the steps of Memorial Church included speeches by Rabbi Ben Zion Gold of Hillel House and Chayin Spivakovsky, a Russian Jew who was imprisoned for six years by the Soviet Government.

The crowd, estimated at over 150, stood in a cold drizzle to hear the speeches which were prompted by the Harvard visit of the president of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, Dr. Mstislav V. Keldysh.

"While Dr. Keldysh is traveling from banquet to banquet in the United States, many of his Jewish Soviet in the Soviet Union are harrassed, arrested and jailed for their simple requests to leave the country." Elliott Abrams, a Law student and one of the rally's organizers, said yesterday.

George Wald, Higgins Professor of Biology and 1967 winner of the Nobel prize in Medicine, voiced his disapproval of the "ransom" which educated persons must pay the Soviet government in order to emigrate. He was one of 21 Nobel Laureates to urge the repeal of the Soviet Head Tax in an advertisement in the October 1 edition of The New York Times.


Other Harvard professors who spoke at the rally were Nathan Glazer, professor of education and social structure; Yosef H. Yerushalmi, professor of Hebrew and Jewish History; and Jerome A. Cohen, professor of Law