Dake It or Leave It

(D-A-K-E pronounced "like for chris' sake")

HOME: Columbus, Ohio

PREP SCHOOL: Big Walnut H.S.

AGE: 22

MAJOR: Archeology


MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: By his own admission, Mike's most embarassing moment was in this year's Rutgers game. Coach Jake McCandless had just initiated a new punt formation in which three defensive linemen were set as blockers for the punters. It was out of this "Purdue" formation that Tiger punter Joe Flynn attempted his first punt of the year, early in the second quarter against the Scarlet Knights. It was a 0-0 ball game when Princeton broke the huddle for the fourth down punt. Flynn barked the signals and center Paul Yakulis snapped the ball. Unfortunately, the hike was off target and low and hit the blocking Kincaid in the ankle. Mike was so wrapped up in his new role that he never noticed the missed snap. The ball fell to the ground at his feet. He crouched in his blocking position as four to five Knight defenders broke through the line to block the punt. They noticed the free ball next to Kincaid and redirected their charge. By this time, the rest of the Rutgers squad was also barreling down on Mike. Eleven bodies shot for the ball; one recovered it, ten landed on top of him. A disturbed and amazed Kincaid limped to the sidelines. McCandless and Flynn both asked if he was all right. He responded, "What happened?" They said, "Didn't you see the ball hit you?" His reply: "Whew! Joez Christ. I thought it was gonna be like that all day."

LEADERSHIP QUALITIES: Head coach McCandless has often cited Mike for "not only his football ability, but also for his strength of character." Mike is a typical fired-up Princeton gridder. Unfortunately, his aggressiveness on the field has often alienated fellow players. Last week against Brown. Tiger middle guard Roger Hudson was double-teamed on a running play up the center. His left leg was sandwiched and his knee popped. He lay on the turf unable to move. Two Tiger trainers and Kincaid huddled around him. "It's my leg, it's my leg--I can't even move it," he moaned.

"Shake it off. It can't be that bad: It's at least two feet from your heart," Kincaid responded, Hudson underwent surgery Tuesday and is resting comfortably but he still refuses to allow Kincaid as a visitor.

FAVORITE DRINK: Tower Club Tanker (a jigger of Brut cologue, a dash of orange Curasil, a black olive, and a teaspoon of Tang).