New Film Studies Council Will Seek To Eliminate Movie Schedule Conflicts

A steering committee to the newly-formed Film Studies Council has assumed responsibility for eliminating schedule conflicts and competition between House film societies and local commercial theaters, Dean Epps said yesterday.

Members of the Council, comprised of undergraduate film groups, will now clear their schedules through the steering committee which will act as an official liaison with theater managers, Epps said.

Henry Bestheart

"It's not a matter of approving, films so much as seeing that there are no corect conflicts. House societies will be able to show films on a first-come first-served basis." Henry Kaiser '73-4, a member of the steering committee said.

The Film Studies Council grew out of disagreements last spring between campus film societies and local theatre managers.


"There have already been conflicts this year." Kaiser said. "Last weekend Kirkland House showed two films which are now playing at the Harvard Square Theatre. Although it was an accident, it created come irritation."

Donna Yee '73, another member of the steering committee, said the Council will also consider plans to pool advertising for the House films societies and to publish a regular newsletter listing all the films being shown on campus.

"The major question is how much we want to integrate our finances through the Council," Yes said. "Each society has its own pet project that it will want to put its money into, but the atmosphere so far has been one of cooperation."