Daly Names Eleven Members Of Community Affairs Panel

Charles U. Daly Vice President for Government and Community Affairs announced today the appointment of the first eleven members to the Advisory Committee on Community Affairs.

The Committee's membership includes alumni. Harvard faculty and students and concerned individuals from the community, who have agreed to serve two year terms. President Bok appointed the Committee on a recommendation Daly made in last month's "Report to the Cambridge Community."

It is the University's policy to participate actively and imaginatively in community discussions of long-range plans, and to assist the community in improvement of its own planning capacities" Daly said.

The entire Committee will consist of no more than 20 members.

At a meeting tomorrow, the Committee on Student and Community Relations will decide whether to select the undergraduate representatives from its own group or implement another selection procedure.


Dean Whitlock said yesterday that the CSCR, which agreed in early November to dissolve itself, it still uncertain about its jurisdiction in the matter.

The Committee will meet monthly at first, then more or less often depending on needs and experience that develop.

Not a Funnel

In his remarks about the Committee, Daly said it should not be viewed as a funnel for channeling or filtering ideas and suggestion from the community. Instead it is a body that will add to the input of community groups and individuals.

Daly's Report to the Cambridge Community made recommendations for future University and community participation in housing taxes and employment in an attempt to provide a progress report to groups critical of Harvard's role as a major developer in Cambridge.

The following are now members of the Committee Topper Carew. Fellow in Urban Studies at MIT. Dun Gifford, Member of the Committee of Concerned Alumni. John Kain Professor of Economics. Martha Lawrence of the Neighborhood Ten Association and Frank Michelman Professor of Law.

Also named were Robert Parks President of the Roxbury Tenants of Harvard Alex Rodriguez Associate Director of United Community Services. Eliot Spaulding Editor in Chief of the Cambridge Chronicle. Harriet Wigfall community resident active in the Riverside Community. Blenda Wilson Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Education, and Bernard Frieden. Director of the Joint Center for Urban Studies at Harvard and MIT.