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To the Editors of the Crimson

Peter Landry's lambasting of Eric Crone is yet another example of the Crimson sports staff's callous, ignorant, and opportunities, style of reporting. Callous in their malicious attacks of individual performers, ignorant of the subject about which they write, and opportunistic in the way they capitalize on Harvard athletic blunders to inject ridicule and cheap shot criticism at the expense of Crimson athletes, "Crime" sportswriters are noted for their ability to find a scapegoat when the going gets rough.

Good journalism calls for reporting both good and bad performances of athletes, but Peter Landry has only shown his belief that one man cost Harvard the Ivy League title. Harvard's football misfortune could never be pinned to one person. An accurate description of Harvard's football failures would include an account of the shortcomings of the performances at all 22 positions.

By now you should understand that we think Landry was incompetent in his analysis of Harvard's recent gridiron demise. It should also be known that some in the Harvard community do not share his narrow-minded views.

Landry obviously cares little about the pride of Eric Crone. We must remember that only years of dedication brought Eric Crone to his present position, and this should not be treated lightly. The idea that it is easier to be sitting in the bleachers than it is to be playing on the field is over-worked; but nevertheless, it is in this instance valid and worthy of mention.

This defamation of Eric Crone's ability serves little purpose. To the editors of the Crimson: up your standard of sportswriting; to Peter Landry: up yours. Tom Hadley   Leigh Hogan

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