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On The Bench


My prediction record this fall has shown about as much forenight as Custer did before he rode out to see what the Indians were up to at Little Big Horn. I picked Harvard to rout UMass, and Harvard was routed. I picked Cornell to beat Harvard, and Harvard bombed Cornell. I picked Harvard to whip Penn, and Penn whipped Harvard. I picked Harvard to crush Princeton, and you guess it. I did accurately pick Harvard to beat B.U., Columbia, and Brown but Columbia and Brown are the two worst teams in the Ivy League, and B.U. has its worst team in ten years, which considering the last ten years of B.U. football, is quite a distinction. Counting the Dartmouth game as a tie, that leaves me with a 3-4-1 record. Even Bob Monashan of The Globe is over .500. However, there is one consolation. Think of all the good friends on the team I made this year. As one player cheerfully advised me. "I wouldn't take too many late night walks between Eliot and Kirkland House, you little pimp or you'll eat your typewriter."

COLUMBIA-BROWN--This rivalry has all the excitement of a Milwaukee Brewers Cleveland Indians weekday afternoon game in late August. It does, however have some significance. Brown actually has a chance to finish seventh, which isn't had after spending 9 of the last 13 years in the cellar. It's also the last chance for the Bruins to win one for Lennie Jardine, who is fleeing his 4 35 1 Ivy coaching record and Providence. R I after today Columbia, 24-3.

PRINCETON CORNELL -- The great Hoby Baker rolled over in his grave this fall, and Princeton's 1922. Team of Destiny has to live with its memories Dick Kazamaier sadly shakes his head, and Cosmo Jaccavazzi can only dream back to the days of the single wing. For Princeton vain Princeton will see its worst team in 25 years go down to defeat once again today Cornell, 20 10.

DARTMOUTH PENN -- When Dartmouth men smack their lips over road trips, they don't think much farther west than Skidmore or much farther south than New Haven. But the girls of Sewickly State Teachers College better run better hide because the Big Green Indians are pouring out of the woods into the wilds of Philadelphia Dartmouth, 28-17.

HARVARD YALE -- The Yale Club of Hawait sent "Pineapple" Milt Holt to Andover en route to Yale but love triumphed and he detailed at Fesley College along the way. Now he's wearing his white shoes for Harvard, and at Pineapple starts at quarterback today, the Elis may wish held taken a surting scholarship at Honolulu U.I still think Eric Crone. Harvard's much malaigned quarterback, but three times the victor over Yale, will get the nod. Ten thousand men of Harvard, including the Crimson touch football team Joe Restic, and F. Thomas want victory today, because they know that over old Eli Endzone Crone holds away. Harvard 24-21.

CRIMSON YALE DAILY NEWS--I never pick this one wrong Crimson 232.

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