Chief of Army to Speak Here Today In Effort to 'Open Communications'

Robert F. Froehike, Secretary of the Army, has arranged to speak at Harvard today in an effort to "open communications with areas that are antimilitary," a special assistant to Mayor Kevin H. White said yesterday.

His speech is part of a two-day trip to Boston where he will meet with legislators, members of the National Youth Caucus and minority group representatives.

Samuel P. Huntington, Thomson Professor of Government, said yesterday that he was "a channel of communication" in helping arrange today's meeting between Froehike and Harvard students and faculty members.

Cecile Landrum, the mayor's assistant who set up the visit, said that Froehike chose the Boston area because he felt there were anti-military feelings here which he wanted to allay.

Landrum said there were only two places where she thought there might be demonstrations against Froehike: at the John Hancock Building where he will speak Thursday morning and at Harvard.