Program to Seek Minority Students For Grad Schools

The Educational Testing Service established a new service this Fall, which is designed to bring minority group students throughout the country to the attention of the nation's graduate schools.

Under the program, minority applicants to graduate schools will have the opportunity to fill out a special questionnaire, which the ETS will send to institutions seeking to increase their minority enrollment.

Questionnaires are available at the Office for Graduate and Career Planning.

J. Bradley Williams, the director of the Princeton-based project, said he expects some 300 graduate schools to use the service.

Nina P. Hillgarth, head of the Admissions Office in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, said last Thursday that the Office would probably not use the service. She said that the GSAS already has a graduate student committee to search out minority group students and that at present a sufficient number of minority group students are already applying.


Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint, associate dean of Student Affairs at the Medical School, said yesterday that the Med School will not use the questionnaire because existing tests already serve the same function.