Stage Fright

On stage finally, just entered left, urgent

Enough to save my soul and now attending

With archaic manner a lady in her pique.

When in warning. God's archangels whir

Magnificent wings in the front row of the balcony.


A white and shiny feather falls at my feet.

When I speak on stage they riot in the balcony.

When I smile on stage they giggle in the balcony.

When I mourn on stage they sob in the balcony.

When I exit stage right they rush to the dressing room

To shake my hand and populate the mirror.

Beyond these reflecting angel's ironic ken

The platform within. Integrity and all

The devils are here. The delicate eyelid

Overhangs the set. As the breath of an echo

Footfalls, old gestures, windy words, move.

But specifics rage like a cyclone.

Do not recognize each other and will not connect:

The first lie turns its back on the first love.