UMass Dean Rejects Demands; Students Still Occupy Building

A coalition of minority students occupying the School of Education at the University of Massachusetts obeyed a court order and vacated the building last night.

Members of the Third World Alliance had agreed on Monday to end their takeover of the building yesterday morning if they were granted amnesty and the dean of the School gave them his written decision on the graduate application of a black member of the Alliance.

Dwight W. Allen, the dean, denied Paul Chandler's application to the Graduate School of Education yesterday morning, but did not give a written justification of his decision to the 150 Alliance members who have occupied the building since Friday.

Representatives of the Alliance met with Allen and Randolph Bromery, the university's Chancellor, to discuss the issue of amnesty yesterday. An Alliance spokesman said that nothing was resolved.

Czerni R. Brasuell, a member of the Alliance's executive committee, said yesterday that the Alliance staged the takeover on Friday to protest the delay in Allen's decision on Chandler's application for the Spring 1973 semester.


"We wanted to force Allen to make his ruling before the semester ends so students would be here to protest any discriminatory decision," Brasuell said.

Allen denied that his decision was based on politics. He said yesterday that he rejected Chandler's application because there were other applicants who were better qualified and he found Chandler's personal behavior "questionable."