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Thr Harvard Bulletin: A December sampler

Harvard and housing.


One additional point that needs to be make because your article did not include it, and because if Harvard is going to act responsibly on our suggestions and those of other, community based group, the point needs to be widely understood-is why Harvard has an obligation to help Cambridge in the area of housing. The main reason relates to Harvard's role in helping to create the disturbing social and demographic changes that have taken place in Cambridge in the last twenty years....a rise in rents since 1960 of 90 percent, a decline in number of families since 1950 of over 27 percent, a rise in numbers of non-family households since 1950 of over300 percent, a growth in Harvard student population since 1960 of 28 percent... Obviously, the direct pressure brought by Harvard's growth has helped create these changes...

--From a letter to the editor by Brett Donham '60, M. Arch. '64, for the Committee of concerned Alumni.

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