DeLuca's Hearing For Largey Death Changed to Dec.11

The administrative hearing scheduled for yesterday against Cambridge Patrolman Peter DeLuca in connection with the jail cell death of 17-year-old Lawrence P. Largey was postponed until December 11.

Daniel J. O'Connell, DeLuca's attorney, and Cambridge City Solicitor Edward J. McCarthy, representing the City, agreed to the postponement on Thursday before Meddlers Superior Court Judge John W. Coddair Jr.

DeLuca had requested that the Middlers Court order a delay in the hearing until the court determined whether he could have a fair hearing with Cambridge City Manager John F. Corcoran as adjudicator.

DeLuca maintained that his chances of getting a fair trial were jeopardized because Corcoran also conducted the hearing on the private inquest into Largey's death made last month by Paul Liacos, professor of Law at Boston University.

Coddair gave McCarthy until December 5 to file pleadings as to why Corcoran should handle DeLuca's hearing.


McCarthy said yesterday that the delay was not unusual for administrative hearings. He said however that the City would file a motion to block any court effort to interfere with the administrative hearing.

"No Superior Court should interfere. DeLuca can appeal the City's decision, but the City Manager should hold the administrative hearing," McCarthy said yesterday.

The court will probably decide what action to take on DeLuca's request on December 13, McCarthy said.

Largey's death at the Cambridge police headquarters jail touched off several days of riots in October and charges of police brutality. Although a medical report said that Largey died of an overdose of barbituates. Liacos's report concluded that there had been injuries to Largey's head Liacos did not say that the injuries caused Largey's death