Frosh Squash Team Wins, 7-0; Aces Andover in First Game

In their season debut, the Harvard freshman squash squad aced the racquetmen of Andover Saturday, 7-0, as all but two of the Crimson Yardlings won their best-out-of-five matches with three straight games.

Harvard's top two players, Peter Havens and Jeff Wiegand, both dropped a game to experienced opponents before posting 3-1 victories. Cass Sunstein, John Sedgewick, Dave Chase, Tim Berkowitz, and John Deland all swept their matches, 3-0.

In his match, Havens battled Andover's finest. Bill Kahn. Havens controlled the center of the court well and employed good deception, coach Corey Wynn said yesterday. Havens outplayed Kahn in the first two games, but dropped the third before delivering the coup de grace.

Jeff Wiegand, playing in the second spot for Harvard, lost the first skirmish in his long battle with Blair Richardson but managed to pull back to carry three consecutive games. Wiegand hurried his shots in the opening game with Richardson, but slowly regained control of the match after the initial setback.

Wynn said that the Andover squad was not well prepared for Saturday's matches. He expects the rematch with the prep school, scheduled for February 21, to be much closer. "Andover is always one of our biggest competitors." Wynn said.

The Crimson split its two games with Andover last year. After an inexperienced squad from the school lost early in the season. Andover roared back for a strong victory at the end of the year.

The freshman squash team plays Amherst Wednesday to Hemenway Gym at 2 p.m. Wynn said that he knew nothing about this year's Amherst squad, but he commented. "We usually do pretty well against Amherst."