J.V. Grapplers Lose in Season Debut; B.U. Takes 8 of 10 Weight Divisions

Boston University defeated the Harvard junior varsity wrestling team 28-7 in the Crimson's season opener on Saturday. Though they came close in each category, the Harvard wrestlers lost all but two division matches to the B.U. grapplers.

Carl Culig, the only victorious matman on the Crimson team, fought in place of Paul Dowling, a football player who is still in training. Culig beat his B.U. opponent 4-0 in the 190-lb weight division. Mitchell Silverman tied the B.U. 134 pounder, 8-8.

"The matches were generally quite close, but it was a meet between two inexperienced groups," Coach John H. Lee, said yesterday. "We had only freshmen and sophomores wrestling."

The biggest Crimson defeat came in the 150-lb, division, when the B.U. grappler won with a 10-0 score against Eli Hassime. In other divisions, the B.U. 118-pounder beat Harvard sophomore Paul McGill, 8-7. Howard O'Brian in the 158-lb, category and John Alder in the 167-lb, match lost to their B.U. rivals with 3-2 and 3-1 scores, respectively.