'Cliffe Cagers Succumb

Radcliffe's basketball and B squash teams fell to tough squads from Wellesley yesterday, 43-27 and 3-1 respectively. In a contest played at the IAB, the Radcliffe volley ball team overpowered Boston University, 3-1.

The hoopsters played their best game of the season, in a contest marked by the 'Cliffe's fine defense. Coach Peria Hewes said, "We were playing a lot better than we ever have. The question was conditioning. Wellesley was a lot faster."

Midway through the final period the score was 27-20 but the 'Cliffe cagers were unable to sustain their momentum and finally succumbed, 43-27.

The squad will play their first home game February 26 against a tough Emmanuel team. Since they will have several weeks to condition and coordinate defense and offense, spectators can look forward to a fine contest.

The 'Cliffe B squash team also ran into several bad breaks yesterday as the squad lost to Wellesley, 3-1. Janet Edwards registered the 'Cliffe's only victory.


Earlier this season, members of the A squad competed on the Wellesley-Radcliffe team that vied for the Howe Cup.

The volley ball team beat B.U. last night in three of four games, 15-9, 15-7, and 15-11.