Med School Accepts More Women; Takes Same Number From Harvard

Harvard Medical School has offered places to approximately the same number of Harvard College graduates this year as last year, and to a greater number of women.

Last year, the Medical School ultimately offered places to 42 Harvard College graduates, although some of these were accepted off the waiting list.

About 27 women were given places initially last year and this year the number is slightly higher, about 32 or 33, Steven J. Miller, associate dean of the Faculty of Medicine for Admissions, said yesterday.

The number of Radcliffe women offered places is slightly up from last year. Three women were accepted from Radcliffe in 1971. One declined, according to the Office for Graduate and Career Plans.

The final batch of acceptances and waiting-list letters was mailed February 18 and the last rejection letters were mailed yesterday at 3 p.m.


Statistics are still vague because students have not yet had time to reply and some empty places will be filled by waiting-list candidates.