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Helfand Arrested in University Hall

Cambridge Police Serve Warrant

By Steven Luxenberg

Cambridge police arrested Ira Helfand '72 yesterday morning on criminal trespass charges while Helfand was waiting in University Hall to see Dean Dunlop about his possible reinstatement.

Helfand--a member of SDS--was separated from the University last June for "intense personal harassment of Sargent Kennedy '28, then secretary to the Corporation. The separation included the stipulation that Helfand not appear on University grounds during his suspension.

"The filing of these trespassing charges gives the University no joy." Daniel Steiner '54, general counsel to the University, said yesterday. He added that Helfand had "received the proper warnings through the CRR; there was no recourse left for the University."

Steiner said that the Administration notified Cambridge police that Helfand was on Harvard grounds. Shortly after 10 a.m., two Cambridge squad cars arrived at University Hall.

Helfand had entered the building at 9:30 a.m. with two other SDS members and requested to see Dunlop. Dunlop's secretary informed him that he was in a meeting but would see Helfand as soon as he was free.

Helfand said that two Harvard policemen arrived at University Hall while he was waiting, and entered Dunlop's office. Ten minutes later. Cambridge police arrived but were unable to arrest Helfand without a warrant.

They returned a few minutes later with a warrant signed by the Corporation. The University had issued a warrant for Helfand's arrest on March 8.

Helfand was arraigned yesterday in Cambridge District Court and released on personal recognizance. His trial has been set for Tuesday. March 28, at 9 a.m. in Middlesex Superior Court.

Helfand's arrest touched off an SDS rally at University Hall yesterday, which Helfand joined when he returned from his arraignment shortly after noon. About 40 picketers circled the building, protesting alleged racist Harvard policies and demanding that charges against Helfand be dropped.

Two Harvard policemen were stationed at the one unlocked door. Helfand attempted to re-enter the building to see Dunlop, but was stopped by the policemen.

Helfand requested to see Dunlop, and the policeman inside the door told him after checking with Dunlop that "the Dean doesn't want to see you." Helfand asked when he could meet with Dunlop, and the policeman replied. "I don't know. But he doesn't want to see you now."

Steiner said yesterday that Helfand was going through the wrong channels. "I think Helfand's options are clear. The body that must re-admit him is the CRR. Dunlop is not the person to see," Steiner said.

He added that Helfand is "playing a game with the University for his own tactical reasons."

Katherine Moos '75, a spokesman for SDS, said yesterday that Harvard had deliberately waited to arrest Helfand in University Hall. "He's been on University grounds since March 5 trying to get arrested. Harvard has had countless opportunities since the warrant was served," she said.

She cited an incident Monday night at the Freshman Union when Harvard police refused to permit SDS members to pass out leaflets. "Ira told the police that he was trepassing, but no action to arrest him was taken," she said.

Steiner explained yesterday that although Harvard police are deputized--and can therefore make arrests--there was no precedent for a Harvard policeman to serve a warrant.

"Harvard police generally try to handle things persuasively rather than by force. I would guess this was the reason Helfand was not arrested at the Union," Steiner said

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