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To the Editors of the Crimson:

Dean Charles Whitlock and Richard Herrnstein have filed serious charges with the CRR against Alan Garfinkel (GSAS) and Bonnie Blustein '72. The charges accuse Garfinkel and Blustein of interfering with Herrnstein in his exercise of academic freedom, abridging Herrnstein's freedom of movement, and engaging in intense personal harassment evidencing "grave disrespect for the dignity of others." We are resolved that:

1) The facts of the case, as revealed in a tape recording of the indicent, are insufficient, not only to sustain the charges, but to justify bringing the charges at all.

2) Moreover, the issues involved in Herrnstein's article and subsequent statements are of a sufficiently serious political nature that sharp debate and political activity should be expected and are entirely proper within an academic community.

3) We view with alarm the ever-widening scope of activities that are taken to fall within the province of the CRR, and would question the constitution and legitimacy of that body. We fear, in view of prosecutions of this sort, that the CRR itself poses a grave danger to academic freedom on this campus. 27 Graduate Students in Philosophy

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