Tutors to Get Free Rooms During Summer School Term

The House Masters agreed Wednesday night not to charge tutors rent for rooms in the Houses during the summer months. They took no action on the questions of rent during the regular term or on the number of free meals tutors should be given.

Edward L. Keenan '57, Master of North House and secretary of the Masters' Committee, said last night that most of the meeting was spent discussing "the philosophy of the House system."

"Most of the conversation was quite general as we were trying to present out views on the Houses to President Bok who was also at the meeting." Keenan said.

Bok said last night there were three principle areas concerning the administration of the House system in which he felt improvements could be made.

"I think it is important to encourage the Masters to form education committees to develop new House courses," Bok said. He added that by developing more House courses, Faculty members would have greater contact with undergraduates.

"I also would like to see better relationships set up between the Houses and the departments so that tutors will have a better idea of what their job consists of and so that we can develop a stronger based house tutorial system," Bok said.

Bok also explained that he was concerned with developing a decentralized system of budgetmaking, specifically in regard to building and grounds.