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The Mail


To the Editors of the Crimson:

Listen, every time we're given SDS literature, our real understanding of their material is repulsed at their method of accusation. Why must they shout hysterical revolutionary chants or the most vogue right-on cliches? It's assumed that each paragraph will contain three references to such bloodcurdling descriptions as 'Racist butcher" or "pigeonman". What must be presented are the underlying facts of the American political-power-system. What must be suggested is the type of political action necessary to achieve democratic control of our nation's resources.

Listen, something is wrong with the American democratic society. For some odd reason, no lawmakers give a damn about fellow human beings forced to live in such filth. There must be a reason for the present situation of the poor and "disadvantaged" of America. What is that reason?, asked political leaders or distinguished sociologists who deduced scientifically, the cause for poverty. The answer comes back--the sociological reason why these unfortunate people live in misery is because they lack INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT. We have the test results right here. Such important information is analyzed by politicians, businessmen, and citizens and the legal corrective procedures are enforced.

All right you unfortunate people, here is the decree: 1) no jobs: because your group intelligence results show that you're a work risk: 2) no adequate welfare: because you could work if you wanted to and escape your "hell on earth": 3) no equal education: because educating your kind will lower both student and teacher standards: 4) no justice: because, for some odd reason, you won't cooperate with the system punishment for your dislike of our laws must be judiciously enforced even against your rebellion.

So what do we get from the Students for a Democratic Society? Piercing protests as to the plights of the "proletariat." Christ, it's not only the workers who are oppressed; it's all people whose lives, whose very existence, is dependent on the economic self-interests of those large corporations who pay the wages for all.

Instead of organizing grievances on "pet" projects, they should organize an intellectual campaign and attack the American political structure at its weakest yet strongest point: DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS. They should stop attacking separate businesses and trust their political activity toward the democratic control of wealth distribution.

Indeed, if there is to be some sort of social revolution, let's elect to chose the most historically effective means of both political and economic control; means of access of human productivity by legal control by all the people. Let's elect to choose that political authority which will be "just" to all, one in which all activity is directed, not for self-accumulation, but for the social good. Let's do it soon. Ruse Philips '74

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