Will Rogers's USA, James Whitmore's formidable one-man show, 8, March 9. Chan. 5.

Rules of the Game, 1939 Renoir film that some think is his best, 8:30, March 10, Chan. 2.

Biography: Isadora Duncan. A study of her life, directed by Ken Russell, 7:30, March 11. Chan. 2.

David Suskind: "What's Good, What's Bad, What's New at the Movies?" Discussion with Vincent Canby (N.Y. Times film critic), Peter Bogdanovich (director of "The Last Picture Show"). William Friedkin (director of "The French Connection"). Eleanor Perry (screenwriter of "Diary of a Mad Housewife"). Penelope Gilliat, and Paul Zimmerman (Newsweek film critic), 9, March 11. Chan. 2.

Sherlock Holmes and the Pursuit to Algiers. 11, March 11. Chan. 56.

Firing Line. William F. Buckley Jr. and Dr. Ross Terrill, both of whom recently visited China, tangle over what they found and what it means, 8, March 12. Chan. 2.

Lord Jim (Part 1). Peter O'Toole in adaption of Joseph Conrad novel. 9, March 12. Chan. 7.

Between Time and Timbuktu. Bob and Ray in a Kurt Vonnegut comedy science fiction, 8, March 13. Chan. 2.

West Side Story (Part 1), The 1961 musical that won 10 Oscars, 8, March 14. Chan. 4.