Peace Coalition Plans Demonstrations To Protest Increased Asian Bombing

Two hundred and fifty members of the People's Coalition for Peace and Justice packed the MIT Student Center last night to plan a series of demonstrations against the recent bombing step-up in Indochina.

The meeting voted to support today's SDS-sponsored demonstration here against Robert C. Seamans '40, Secretary of the Air Force, who is on campus as a member of the visiting committee to the Physics Department.

The group also laid plans for a mass demonstration in Boston on Friday and for a rally at Hanscom Air Force Base in Lexington on Saturday. The Saturday rally is intended to publicize the current military build-up across the country.

Friday's demonstration will begin at 3 p.m. with feeder marches from Boston-area colleges to Government Center, where a B-52 will be burned in effigy.

It will culminate in a mass rally on the Common at rush hour, pausing along Tremont Street for a protest at the Republican State Committee headquarters, which one speaker charged was "a subsidiary of ITT."

Active-duty airmen will speak at Saturday's rally at Hanscom Field. Seventy-five per cent of the men stationed there have been notified they could be going to Vietnam, a speaker from the Legal Services Project said last night.

The meeting did not formally endorse any other demonstrations. However, speakers announced and solicited support for the following

* a "New American Revolution" celebration in Lexington on Patriots' Day, April 17;

* a mass antiwar rally in New York City on April 22, sponsored by the National Peace Action Coalition;

* a "militant disobedient obstructive" demonstration at Government Center on May 8, also sponsored by the coalition; and

* an SDS-sponsored May Day celebration in Washington, intended "to smash the government.