Hartman Case Not Discussed During GSD Faculty Meeting

The Graduate School of Design Faculty met yesterday without considering the appeal case of Chester W. Hartman '57.

Hartman had requested that the entire five-member appeal committee established to hear his case be abolished and that the ad hoc procedures governing his appeal be revamped.

Hartman could not be reached for comment last night, but he said earlier this week that if the procedures remained unaltered, "it is highly probable that I will bring a law suit."

Peter P. Rogers, associate professor of City Planning, said earlier this week that the Rogers Committee--which Implements the ad hoc procedures-decided against introducing Hartman's appeal to the GSD faculty because his committee's sole responsibility is to carry out the ad hoc procedures, not to request their alteration.

Hartman said he had circulated his March 28 memo explaining his objections to the tentative committee to all GSD faculty members. However, many faculty members said yesterday they had never seen the memo.


The meeting yesterday also spent 45 minutes debating whether a Crimson reporter could attend.

"Slnting Feared

Lawrence D. Mann '54, professor of City Planning and chairman of the Department, said yesterday that the faculty almost unanimously opposed such a move, because they feared "slanting" and that "some people's views would be caricatured."