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For several months AFRO and PALC have opposed the colonial and racist was in Angola by trying to get Harvard to stop its complicity through ownership of 683,000 shares of Gulf Oil Co. stock. The specific demands have been:

1. Divestiture by Harvard of all its Gulf Oil stock.

2. A public statement giving the reasons for its divestiture.

3. An appeal for other stock holders to do the same.

4. A statement of Harvard's intent to follow this with similar actions.

5. The exploration of opportunities for investment of this money for the benefit of the Cambridge community.

We support the trust of these demand. University participation is a company that the maintain the profits by propping up a colonial regime is morally indefensible moreover, out experience in Vietnam should teach us the need early opposition to corporate and governmental complicity with colonial and other repressive regimes and the need for solidarity with the oppressed.

We find the corporation responsive April 19 politically damaging and morally bankrupt and provocative. We are especially appalled, by the statement that, "We do not believe, in view of the constructive actions a shareholder can take, that it is morally wrong to own stock in America companies, such Gulf, that have operations in nations controlled by governments that engage in actions considered repressive or inhumane."

The letter signed by the following professors "R. Arnheim, J. Beck with, S. Bowles, R.N. Boyd, J.P. Breeden, M. Brenner, J. Cadden, O.Chateaubriand, C.F. Cleland, C. Cohen, I.J. Danziger, S. Davis. B.I. DeVore, J.D. Elder, J. Fjellman, S. Fjellman, and H. Gintis.

The signers also included S.J. Gould, B. Heyns, E.N. Hiebert, R. Hubbard, E. Isaac, C.S Jencks, D. Joroff, F.C. Kafatos, H.M. Kalckar, M. Karplus, A. Laiou, M. Lazerman,U. Goodenough Levine, A. MacEwan, S.A. Marglin, A. McGill, and E. Mendelsohn.

Completing the list are D.D. Potter, M. Ptashne, H. Putnam, B. Rosenkrantz. R. A. Rosenthal. S.F. Sampson, B. Shapiro, M. Sinensky, C.R. Taylor, A. Tobin, M. Useem, G. Weld, J.D. Watson, T.G. Wegmann, T.E. Weisskopf, T. Wiesel, and D. Wiggins.

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