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Reform forces will challenge most of the Cambridge Democratic ward committees on the election ballot today, in the hopes of creating community-based, issue-oriented ward committees.

James K. Galbraith '73, is one of the reform candidates in Ward 6-the ward in which most Harvard students reside.

In Cambridge, there is both a Republican and a Democratic city committee. Each is comprised of slates of representatives from the eleven city wards. The reform forces are submitting counter-slates against the Democratic committees, in all but Ward 1.

The reform plan is to gain a majority of the Democratic city committee's 165 votes. Each ward committee is made up of 15 candidates, and voters may choose the entire slate, or vote for individuals.

The city committees presently nominate people for one of the four election commissioners, and select delegates to the state gubernatorial conventions. The reform group hopes to further use ward committees to draft legislation, to lobby and to open channels between the city and its local government.

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