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The 'Which Way to Fenway' Sox Quiz

By E.j. Dionne

With a touch of Gulden's mustard and a draft of Narragansett Lager Beer, the beer with that famous straight from the barrel taste, the Crimson is pleased to present its Exam Period "Which Way to Fenway" Red Sox Quiz.

You are awarded an automatic 200 points for reading the Sports Page. Score 37.5 points for every correct answer. Subtract 2 points for every wrong answer. But don't worry: you can't fall below 200.

If you score 700 or better, you will be admitted automatically to the Fenway Diner's graduate program in Red Sox Folk Lore and Mythology. If you score better than 550, you will be sent application materials.

Pick up your pencils. The examination has begun.

1. Why do Hot Dogs taste better at Fenway Park?

2. What was Tony Conigliaro's greatest hit?

3. Who is Roman Mejias, what did the Red Sox do for him, and what did he do in return?

4. Who holds the Red Sox record for the highest batting average in one year, what did he bat, and when? What other Sox record does he hold?


5. I hold the Sox record for most games relieved. I threw a tricky hard fastball. I threw my arm out. I hold the record for the most games pitched. Who am I, and when did I break all these records? And who was my college buddy on the Dodgers who also pitched great relief ball?

6. "And thanks to our engineer..." I am that engineer. I was the butt of a lot of jokes made by Ned Martin and Curt Gowdy. Who am I?

7. Some people play third base. Some people play shortstop. I play the Star Spangled Banner. I play it for three professional teams. Who am I?

8. I was rookie of the year in 1961. Who am I?

9. "How do I know you're not a man in a kangaroo suit?" "Well, how do I know you're not a kangaroo in a girl's suit?" Trace the origin of this dialogue.

10. I gave up more bases on balls than any other pitcher in Red Sox history. I did insightful sports commentary the Red Sox radio and television. Who am I?

11. I won the American League batting title in 1950. Who am I, and what did I hit?

12. Like my comrade in number II, I too, won the batting title. In 1962, to be exact. The winter after I won, the Sox traded me to Houston. I found the National League a lot harder. Who am I?

13. The Red Sox manager in that great year (1967) was named Manager of the Year. What is his name, and what positions did he play when he was in the major leagues.

14. A numbers game: how far away from the plate are (a.) the center field corner in Fenway; (b.) deep right field; and (c.) the right field flag pole? (d.) How tall is the screen above the left field wall?

15. This Red Sox great was called up from the Seattle Triple A Club to catch. He lasted a little while, and was the star of Fall River Day at Fenway. Who is he? And while you're at it, what Red Sox catcher with the same first name has the last name of a famous American politician?

16. Who was the first black member of the Red Sox, famous for Texas League singles? And what Middle Eastern Country did he fly off to in the middle of a season?

BONUS: Who told you the answer to Number I?

Answers can be found elsewhere on this page.

Red Sox Quiz Answers

1. Because you can put Gulden's Mustard on'em.

2. "Little Red Scooter," recorded to the chagrin of some of the Sox management.

3. He was an outfielder. The Red Sox got his whole family out of Cuba, and Roman, under pressure, hit in the .100's, but did come through with some clutch hits.

4. Ted Williams, .406, 1941, Bases on Balls Received (162 in 1947, 48, 49).

5. Dick Radatz (1949), Ron Perranowski.

6. Al Walker.

7. John Kiley, organist for the Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics.

8. Don Schwall.

9. A Narragansett Lager beer ad in which a kangaroo orders a Gansett from a dumbfounded waitress.

10. Mel Parnell.

11. Billy Goodman, .354.

12. Pete Runnels.

13. Dick Williams. First base, second base, third base, shortstop, left field, center field, right field and catcher.

14. (a.) 420 feet (b.) 380 feet (c.) 302 feet, (d.) 28 feet.

15. Russ Gibson, Russ Nixon.

16. Pumpsie Green, Israel.

BONUS: Either Frank Malzone, or Carl Yaztrzemski's wife.

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