The Mail

To the Editors of the Crimson:

After much travail and travel (by bus) I arrived in Cambridge, passed thru the sacred gate. (Open ye the gate that the righteous nation, etc.) into the old yard. Incidentally--I am an unworthy member of the famous class of 1910. The old yard did look familiar. My old room in Hollis I was locked. This was on Wednesday, June 14. All the dormitories seemed to be locked so the so called "rest rooms" were unavailable. For an octogenarian, this was a problem.

I recall Pres. Eliot riding his bicycle around the streets. (No autos in those days). Once in the Phillip's Brook House Pres. Eliot asked me about my major subjects. I told him Chemistry. He replied that I would have to get used to vile smells.

In the Harvard-Radcliffe-Class Day program--We find the Class Ode. The author (Not mentioned) seems interested in female anatomy to wit "Womb-full flowing breasts-such" The brilliant author could easily included." "Clitoris-Vulva-Vagina."

The whole Safari was well worth while and thoroughly enjoyed. Apropos of nothing: My health is excellent.