Green Committee Requests Students To Maintain Thayer Window Boxes

If you've just moved into Thayer Hall and you're wondering about those flowers in your window, don't wonder-- water.

Or so says the Green Committee, an ad hoc group of regular Harvard students, faculty, administrators and Cambridge residents, who installed window boxes in Thayer in February as part of an overall beautification project.

Freshmen in Thayer have kept flowers growing there throughout the spring. Summer school students housed there have been requested to maintain the boxes while they are here.

Other Green Committee projects this year have included the planting of shrubs near Thayer Hall and the seeding of the Yard with greener, longer-lasting grass. The Committee has drawn up plans which would eventually renovate the entire Yard area.

The Green Committee originated from a discussion between Dr. Chase N. Peterson '52, vice president for Alumni Affairs, and President Bok last summer concerning the deteriorating appearance of the Yard. About 40 freshman volunteers formed the initial work force of the committee.


Other individuals who have contributed to the project include Richard A. Howard, director of the Arnold Arboretum. Peter L. Hornbeck, associate professor of Landscape Architecture. William Murphy, director of Buildings and Grounds, and Richard S. Armstrong, research assistant in the Office of Tests.