Jewett in Admissions...

President Bok made a decision on a crucial appointment this summer, picking a replacement for Dr. Chase N. Peterson '52, dean of Admissions and Financial Aid.

Bok chose a conservative path, selecting L. Fred Jewett '57, a veteran Harvard Admissions administrator and close colleague of Peterson.

The appointment of Jewett, who has been on the Admissions staff here for seven years, probably signals a continuance of the policies that have marked Harvard Admissions under Peterson over the past five years.

"There will be no 'fundamental break with existing practices, "Jewett said shortly after his appointment was announced. "In particular, he said he expects to continue Peterson's policies of special recruitment of minority students and of increased financial aid in the form of loans and employment assistance.

In addition, Jewett said he hopes to initiate greater contact with the Radcliffe Admissions Committee, by sharing Harvard's traveling staff, alumni interviewers and recruiters.

"We must take into account the increasing role of women in the University," he said.

On the issue of equal admissions for women versus the current 2.5-to one ratio of men to women, Jewett said he dislikes both. "Personally, I'm not comfortable with artificial ration not based on the facts of the situation, he said.